Has anybody gotten the nuclear dawn maps to work?

If you’ve played ND, you should know the maps are really cool, so has anybody made working versions?

By working versions I mean for Gmod - sorry

good news is its a source game.

Heres the bad news.

Any unique entities for that map wont work in gmod.
you would have to bring over the textures and models
if it uses a newer engine version, it cannot be played

also since it is a paid game, taking the map and content would not be well regarded and could be regarded as piracy. perhaps there is a way to mount it though, or it can be added in some way.

but to answer your questions, i never saw someone bring over one of those maps, although it should be possible (if their engine isnt too new, which seems to be the case since it supports linux)

Yes. Mount Nuclear Dawn using the mount.cfg and they work fine.