Has anybody won a key from the contest?

what the title says, im curious cause i’ve only seen the first page win keys do you think they stopped looking at the pictures for keys, i don’t see anyone past the first page saying ty for key maybe 1 but like pg 60 and up don’t seem to :confused:

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Of course they have, I’m one of them, so yes just to confirm people do ACTUALLY win from the contest, its not a troll thread made by Garry for his amusement…well not totally the reason anyway :smiley:

Yeah, a few people posted they got a key from the contest.

when did you win it

I won 10

Has anyone above page 21 win a key from the drawing contest?

page 20 on the 4th I got my key

has anynody from page 120 gotten a key?

I don’t think many people hast page 21 have gotten a key. I’m not for certain though. Didn’t feel like reading through all those pages to check.

No they ran out of keys by then, read the stickies they tell you there

they are no longer run out they crossed the words out

Not yet, im on page 120, but I have seen that the mods have passed through there. I just posted my picture for the hell of it, I don’t mind waiting to buy the game. But to the OP, yes, several people have gotten keys. It isn’t a contest, dunno why people call it that. Garry was tired of people begging for keys all the time, so he decided to make that thread so people would do something more constructive to pass the time rather than continuously beg for keys. I just posted my picture for the hell of it, I don’t mind waiting to buy the game.

There needs to be a new competition so the people that got here late actually have a chance to get a key. Because I was one of those people, and it sucks because i came when it was page 98

Read my last post. Not a competition or a contest.

I’m on page 3 and i did not get a key but it’s all good and they said “We’re hoping to get a fun way to buy alpha access up soon. It’s gonna be fun” so that’s cool.