Has anyone considered implementing streaming terrain?

Effectively increasing map size…

Is it even possible in gmod?

I might give it a shot when I get home, surely it’s possible…

Random map generator ftw :v:

How would you go about it?

  1. Possibly use an empty map
  2. Generate Mesh
  3. Create entities with PhysicsFromMesh
  4. Move/Stream them

What about FPS issues? Surely even changing render distances would not help if you have a lot of meshes about the place. Let a lone 40%/50% of people on GMod have integrated graphics.

The idea would be to keep the render distance the same and load maybe 3 or 4 meshes based on the users location

Hmm I guess that would work. But what about lag spikes when moving around because then you have meshes rendering in and out all the time if you are moving. Especially no-clipping and going fast.

Just some concerns because some people with low power PC’s will play.


Unless you have 8 smaller meshes rendered around you at all times and then when moving you only render in smaller meshes instead of having to render in much larger meshes.

Why not just make a bunch of models (that look like terrain) and just use a bit of Lua to spawn and randomize them (well, if you’re a modeller)? What exactly are you trying to do?

Also, I saw someone using animated textures in a TF2 map once to make a wall look like it was moving in a certain direction. If you are in some sort of aeroplane in whatever map you’re making, maybe you could just create a few .VTFs with a texture on them and mess around with the positioning in Hammer until it looks far away (perhaps with an alpha channel for objects that are closer, which could have a slower animation for extra realism)?

There was someone that made a minecraft addon here last year or so that effectively made gm_flatgrass an infinity sized map.
Someone here should remember it.
Although it did use a custom module and was only compiled for Windows and the source code for it wasn’t released.

There’s no need, as far as I’m aware you can create meshes with physics using lua

https://github.com/glua/gm_voxelate ?

This one.

Source maps are not dynamic…

I have no idea why I have all those disagreements for because that thing that Gedo linked to does not make infinity sized maps unlike the one that I linked to does. (did anyone even look at it?)

Made a start

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note: this isn’t in gmod yet, I had to learn how to stream terrain first.

the mediafire etc urls are down for me though.

I’ll see if I still have a copy of it and reupload it.

It is doable. However have in mind that you:

  • have to override pretty much all physic functions for players and entities.
  • are going to load “chunks” of the world. Effectively reducing the server performance pr player.