Has anyone else had this odd crash in gmod?

Alright so there is 4 threads and we want an answer.

There is a problem with touching ordinary brushes and people experience a crash.
Is there a solution to this madness?

pics and a full description please.

How the fuck do why provide pics if its a crash when you touch the floor?
I just started this so people can get help its straight forward.

Because we need to know a common occurrence between everyone to detect WHAT Crashes.

ive had it too. i walk into a wall and my GMOD freezes.

Never happened to me.

What map? What entity is the brush tied to? What texture is the wall? What models are nearby? What is your CPU and RAM usage at around the time of the crash?

Details please.

I get this occasionally on the Gmod Tower server. It is mostly in the suites, but I also noticed the crash is related to 3 actions happening at once. (EG: Walking, Shooting and moving the view at the same time whilst walking into a wall.)

It gets extremely annoying, because it sometimes freezes my computer as well, so I end up having to restart.

Never heard of it.

Upload the VMF.

Why should I? it works in ep2 but when we touch the floor walls any brush work we crash.

I repeat works in every source game. Get it?

still, uploading the vmf would increase your chances of getting your answer


or else i can’t help you


have you tried changing the material?

don’t have any triggers on the floor

remove ALL entities, see if that works


if that doesn’t help, it’s a bug in the game, probably

Yeah not gonna help you if you don’t provide us the information we need to try and help.

Does it happen with all maps? Does it happen with all custom maps? Does it happen with all your custom maps?