Has anyone else seen this awful wiremod expression?

The one that does the stalker scream and puts a square box containing scary gman around you. It’s overused on wire servers, isn’t even fucking funny.

Yea, the first time someone used it on me I laughed, but now its just annoying.

yeah someone did that when I was in jail on an rp server.

That was only funny when Chrisaster did it with Lua.

Even then it was made even more hilarious by the shitty stretched GMan facemap.


Go on jokerice build a lot and you’ll get hit eventually.

That actually made me give up gmod for a very long time because I was scared I’d get it.

I made one myself :tinfoil:

I found a better texture with transparency so it looks like the GMan is standing in front of you. It also can play footsteps and magnum sounds around players to creep them out.