Has anyone else watched the show Lost?

I recently binge watched all of it. Beginning to end. I guess it’s one of the reasons why I love Rust so much, is it feels very much like a Lost island. With the various hidden bases kinda like being rad town, and dangerous animals. If the development team has seen Lost it would seriously fit into the Rust idea to implement some of the Lost ideas. Farming for resources, banding together or going solo. Setting up traps and fighting with various weapons. Uncovering various island mysteries, and doing everything for the island.

It would even cover “how we got there” with being plane crash victims or some such craziness.

i loved the series, the ending was terrible though :words:

Ok yeah the ending was… whatever. But could you see all the different elemnts of the show implemented in Rust?

Considering the writers of Lost were making it up as they went with no ultimate plan, despite saying they did, I’d like to see Rust be even better. Lost had only one thing consistent from episode to episode: weird stuff happens for no real reason except to stall the inevitable reveal that the writers had no idea how to end the series.

Let’s not use Lost as a template for Rust.

lol ok… rust will never have an ending, but the stuff all around the actual island is what I’m getting at.

I often times see people asking where the smoke monster is in this game.

Could you imagine how epic it would be to be in the middle of a firefight, and see this: