Has anyone ever done this map?

about ten minutes ago I had the urge to recreate the map “The Pit” from Halo 3 for HLDM or Gmod.

before I get too far into the mapping, I just want to make sure this hasn’t been done before. I tried looking around in google, I couldnt find anything. I found some halo 2 maps that someone made, but I havent found halo 3.

so now I ask the FP mapping community; Has anyone ever recreated a Halo 3 map before?

I doubt it, I rarely see any Halo maps get recreated.


I can continue then.

You could always continue. Nothing stops you from making a map.

except the majority of fucktards on this site lowering your self confidence.

Heh, don’t worry about them. Just keep this little fact in your mind:
While those stupid people go on a bitching spree about how much your map sucks, remember that 95% of them never mapped themselves (the other 5% are the ones that make maps that are half-assed POSs that rip off someone else’s work.) You are one of the few people that manned up, learned about the dark art of mapping, and is making something no one\few people tried before (I also fall into this category.)

I look forward to your work. I know it’s gonna look good.

Or some of us have been mapping for YEARS and were pointing out that it looks like shit because it’s exactly what everyone else does.

Yeah, that too.

Yeah, buddy I think your statistics are way fucking off. From what I have seen nowadays, 85-95% of the people responding to threads criticize constructively, its the majority of new people/mappers to these forums that don’t take it well and get pissy because people don’t like looking at or playing on levels that show little to no effort.

Get your facts straight.

As for the Headlong remake; it is a good long term goal, but if you are just starting to map, I would not suggest you do it right away. Think small, if you really want to do a Halo map, try the small one in Halo 2 (goddamn its been too long)- it was set in a human ‘testing facility’ in New Mombassa, symmetrical, very small and had a wrecked bunker in the middle with two machine guns opposite each other.

I say this because it would be relatively easy to do, and even easier to modify to your own liking.

Well, that was when I last took a serious look at some of the WIP threads (which was a while ago.) Yeah, my bad.

BTW, a good small Halo map to use is Warlock or Wizard (their both the same map. Just one of them is less detailed than the other.)

Ive actually been mapping for around a year. I never post any of my maps becuase I either never finish them or I use them as just a personal build map.

anyways, progress. note that this is not exactly the same as the pit in halo 3. Im using it as a prototype. like you would when you make a sketch and shape your work from that. I thought this would be awesome for a DM/build map.





That looks very fun and playable!

Looks good. Can’t wait to see the finished product!

Good layout, at least you are doing this the right way and dealing with the general layout before details, props, textures, etc.

Would be a fun hl2dm map…

thanks, Im trying to stop doing all the little details right off the bat.

pretty much all I have to do right now is finish off the sword room, then texture the map, then add entities, mirror the sides, then Im done.


hooray! Im almost finished with the first half. just need to texture it.

I took some ingame screenshots. (sorry for the non-AA D: )




It turned out way better than I expected.


well, Im going to bed. thats all for now, more coming tomorrow.

To be honest nowadays most of the new threads end up like this:

'WAH, need mOar constructive critisicm, i add lightin and stuf later, what shoould I do nao?'
'Put in lighting now please, it makes the map look a lot nicer and easier to see what needs improvement.'
'NO! it makes my compile takes like, ~ages~'
'Run it on fast VRAD then, that will run fast enough.'
'STOP FORCING ME, givee proper crits for once and stop saying my map suckss >:('
'I am though, you aren't listening.'

Also, good start!

well, I have seen some threads end up like that. Im going to make a new thread tomorrow. or at least get someone to move and rename this one.

So i need to make a movie to criticise it?

Everyone has an opinion…if the map is shit, you will know about it

Some parts a little blocky but I like how the map is going. Even if it is a halo map

yeah, but like I said, Im trying to do all the little details later. right now, this is the layout of the map. Ill be cleaning it up and adding props and shit soon.