Has anyone ever exported models/materials from Insurgency?

I’m wondering if anyone has ever exported the models/props/etc from the new insurgency? Even the maps would be pretty great, I think it would be doable since it’s all in VPK format so I assume it wouldn’t be complicated?

It runs on Source, so the models will most likely work just fine if you just extract them and dump them in your Garry’s Mod folder. The materials might possibly need downgrading if Insurgency uses a newer or different .vtf format than the engine Garry’s Mod runs on does, but I’ve never looked at them in great detail myself so I couldn’t say for sure.

The maps will most likely need decompiling and editing to work, just like the L4D/L4D2 maps do. I doubt it’s particuarily complicated, but it does require effort and they’d still probably end up looking a bit shittier in Garry’s Mod than they do in Insurgency.

I’ve been extracting a lot of content from Insurgency these days. Props, skybox buildings, effects, work fine, but the maps don’t load since it’s another version of Source.

Here’s the last thing i made to the characters, i’m looking for someone who can give them fingerposing now: