Has anyone ever made a tf2 version of nuke town?

I love the map Nuketownin Call of duty: black ops, so i want to know if anyone has made a version of it for tf2? (has anyone ever made a tf2 version of a Call of duty map ever?) Thanks :slight_smile:

It wouldn’t work as a TF2 map. Counter-Strike maybe, but probably not.

Honestly, I played through that map for a few hours and I don’t think it would lend itself well into TF2.

That’s a horrible idea.

I know it wouldn’t work but it would fun just to play in one and see how it is.

cod best gaim ever


  1. It’s a bit unbalanced and spawns are so prone to enemy fire
  2. Not fit for TF2
  3. No.

Its a cool idea IF someone made it just for the Eyecandy (like making it look TF2y) but other wise its a horrible map in COD

that’s what i ment

It’s a shitty map, why would you even want it in TF2?

every CoD map I’ve ever seen is shit, I have no idea why anyone would ever want them in another game

I hope you’re only talking about ModernWarefare onwards.

Carentan and Pavlov cost me months of my childhood

Now wait a second, Most people here hate call of duty, but the zombie maps are pretty well made

Demoknights? Demoknights.

Yes, from MW onwards

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No, they’re not

What about them are so bad? What makes them so terrible?

Because its call of duty and facepunch doesn’t like it from MW on wards…

Including me, Who thinks its overrated.

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Ontopic, best Call of Duty map ever is Crash.

Ill steal your first born son joke and have him make jokes about you you turtle top hat wearing keyboard playing english man.

Let alone buy 4 new ones in a map-pack for ÂŁ20

Hell, homefront has better maps than COD