Has anyone figured out the Burnout 3 model format yet?

I’ve been binging Burnout 3 for a while, and I think it’d be really nice to put some of the cars into like Garry’s Mod or SFM. The highest LODs for the cars actually look really good for 11+ years old.

I’ve been able to get the models out of the .ISO but so far I’ve only found a single script that can convert them to a usable format, and I say ‘usable’ with a highly sarcastic tone here since it’s a mash of all the LODs and the collision mesh with the detachable parts sucked into the origin and it’s left without a skeleton or UV map.

So, yeah, has anyone here worked with RenderWare, or have a vague idea of how a .BGV file works? I want my Prototype Super in Gmod, dammit!