Has anyone gotten their servers raided?

I recently got my DarkRP server raided. It wasn’t meant to crash it or anything, it was more for teh lulz. My server had 24/34 people online. Then, out of the blue, 7 players with president names joined in and starting saying famous president quotes. By this time, me and my admins were on high alert and had assigned each president to an admin to spectate. I was ready to hit the “!ban obama” when they made the chair Abe Lincoln sat, like a PERFECT copy. We all found it hilarious and once in a lifetime event. Long live those guys.

If they’re not trying to crash it they always deserve to stay.

they sound fun :smiley:

Sorry, I dident mean to disturb your server.


This is how the pro’s take credit for shit they did not do.

Should of taken screenshot. Would of been cash.

Mingebag Army :ohdear:

Mingeinvasion botnet, its terrible :ohdear:

SRG got DDoSed sometime early 2010


Not my server but I was an admin there.