Has anyone had any luck AT ALL with ripping from Mirror's Edge?

Every time I use 3D Ripper and capture a frame, the game crashes within a second.

We’ve got Faith and PK Cop models, but no props.

Am I doing it wrong or is this game just a strange case? I know it runs on a modified UE3 which we know is rip-able.

Mirror’s Edge is fully supported by UModel.
Try using that instead of 3DRipper.

If umodel doesn’t work, switch to global system monitoring mode in 3Dripper. That may work, considering that it has similar modifications to the Unreal engine to Splinter Cell Conviction, and that was Splinter Cell Conviction’s fix.

most of the Mirror’s Edge props (weapons, vehicles etc) run on multiple UV maps

UModel does not support multiple UV maps, and Gildor has so far continued to express no interest in fixing that.

That’s what I always use, but thanks

Lilwasa ported some cops from it, ask him.