Has anyone noticed worse hitreg with the october 10th update?

I play ttt several hours per day and myself and others seem to have noticed worse hitreg (shooting a model in the head and seeing blood splatter and not getting any hitmarker, not a hitbox issue) its very noticeable when trying to run around getting nothing but headshots.

It’s always been been present in every Source game. Just aim slightly to where the head is supposed to be a split second later.

Hitreg is worse in garrys mod, like seeing blood from a player standing still, but no hit, it’s that bad.

stop downloading bad player models

I’m noticing hitreg issues, not hitbox issues, separate issues.

They are related, but bad hitreg has always been an issue. You can fix this by properly predicting/lag compensating your weapons.

You can do this through the weapons .lua files, correct? and where would it be located.