Has anyone ported over any Black Ops 1 and/or Black Ops 2 multiplayer models?

Seriously, has anyone done this? Because I want to port over all of the multiplayer models from BO1 & 2. Though, it might take some time because I’m poor as fuck and I don’t know how to port for shit. (Shouldn’t be too hard, right? R-Right? RIGHT!??!?!?!?!??!?)

Also do you know how I can delete posts XD

First,you CANNOT delete posts.There is no such option to do so.Second,BO1 Multiplayer models i don’t know if they exist.
and BO2 Models(not all) here:

I already know these exists, but I was thinking if anyone did any Urban Black Ops models, the ISA from BO2, SOG, Op 40, FBI, etc. Those models from BO1 and BO2.