Has anyone thought of this excruciatingly brain hemoraging idea?

I’ve just thought of something and have no clue of if it’s even possible, I know it’s not too far out there being as it’s just loading tiles when it’s called however it’s probably difficult as hell.

So, here’s how it started:
I was looking through my Skyrim.ini and saw uGridsToLoad=5, I thought to myself that maybe they have “grids” of maps, kind of like how hammer has a max size, maybe their engine had a max size and to expand that they made a “grid” where maps would load in when the player entered another “grid”, this would cause the person to not have to load the entire map but only parts of it or parts of the “called area”.

It’s much like an array, you can call upon a spot to load something:
1 = map1.map
2 = map2.map
array = {
1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6,
7, 8, 9, 10 ETCETCETC }

if player = 1 and player.x = 100 or -100 and player.y = 100 or -100 then
load array next;

Now I’m shit at coding but the point I’m trying to get to is that if a player enters an area it would load another tile on the array loading the map area and jump past the hammer editors limits.

I’m pretty sure I’m just retarded however I would like your opinion as well!

This has been thought of before, but Source is quite outdated. This would be something that could maybe be seen in Source 2, but Valve won’t make any radical changes like that to the normal Source engine.

Nice idea though.

Well, it’s good to hear that I am not alone thinking about this, thanks for the reply!

I hope Source 2 brings a larger map size and better mapping tools.

You could do a similar thing using clientside props in lua. Collisions would liekly be messed up.

This would be FAR FAR easier if it was an rts/rpg format rather than first person, simply because of the collision stuff.

That said it would be a royal pain.

There is a guy in the gamemode section doing a similar thing with clientside props with some kind of space thing. Instead of the player moving from tile to tile the map moves around the player, all rendered clientside only. So each player stays in their own space and sees their own world. This let him make the “map size” near infinite.
I say “map size” because the map is normal source limits, it could even be smaller.

Finding someone willing to help script you that would be the biggest problem.

S.T.A.L.K.E.R. like map changes?

does Half Life 2 not already do this?

Not really a grid in HL2 but it’d not be hard to change it into a grid formation instead of a linear path.

I think less of how the maps are set up and more of a discussion about dynamic background loading of maps in a piecemeal fashion, i.e. no loading screens, like outdoor areas of open world games.

This reminds me of the Metroid Prime series, where if you’d approach certain doors it would begin to background load the next area. Sometimes it wouldn’t load fast enough and the door you were trying to use would refuse to open until it was finished loading. :v:

There was a Source mod that did something similar, was a zombie mmo kind of iirc.

Edit: Found it was Proyect-z

Ive attempted this in the past with source, but not quite loading a map while in a map. I basically made a stalker style grid loading system.

Like the loading screens in GTA Vice City?

I wish it was possible.

There is no game better and more fun than gmod, but the maximum map size and the fps drop when you add a few lights etc just makes it such a shame sometimes.

Especially for driving and flying the maps need to be at least 4 times bigger, 10 times if it wouldn’t be a problem :smiley:

But yeah it’s designed for a first person shooter the source engine, so probably never gonna happen.

You could always add 2 skybox ‘floors’ in the map, and make some sort of connection slope at the side, but it will look like total crap and feel unrealistic. Especially with flying/noclip. If it’s just a full driving map it could work if you disquise it as a mountain hill area probably.

This has been attempted by someone trying to remake a grand theft auto map.

Even with minimal detail, low res lightmaps, propper buildings etc it hit source limits and died.

If you want bigger you could try the x4 mapping initiative thing and try to impliment some kind of entity streaming. So instead of all entities being simultaneously present on the map, have entities which are small save and dissapear when the player is not around.

This way you won’t get lagged (network, physics and rendering) from a pile of guns on the other side of the map. Then when the player is close reload those items. Have a global variable tracking the total count of items to make sure it stays below the limit otherwise you’ll get reliable snapshot overflow errors.

With this you will still have issues of rendering small polygons (the x4 initiave messes up some models.) and some physics. But such a large map wouldn’t be for people welding phx shit together.

You could also have “instances” so different areas of the map are rejigged. So have a bunch of entities which get turned on and off for each area. Have a hub town with 4 exits, if the instance is empty then activating an exit would close the other exits and reset the instance. Removing everything inside then placing a bunch of entity rocks and trees.

all rocks and trees could be interactive
Have lots of “space” to explore
Change the scenery from swamp to mountains to forest
Have items respawn in there

only 1 instance allowed at once so all players must be inthe same one
Would look like a map made entirely of props
All the entities would be networked => latency city

A few ways of doing things but in the end its jut a botch. Source doesn’t like what you are trying to do.

makes me wish there were side misions in hl2 that would fill yp the black parts and make that nice and solid