Has the feature of pulling textures/resource from other games been addressed for s&box?

What I mean is how on Garry’s Mod a good part of the maps/gamemodes rely on resources from other games such as CS:S, Will this continue for s&box?

pretty much a NO, they dont want people having to buy 5 other games just to play with content and textures and having them all installed, also doing that means valbe can take more of a cut of royalties, could change, but im 99.99% sure its still gonna be no

im pretty sure they are not doing this at all, its called mounting content.
i would recommend to have a read through this since people explain it more.

so its most likely people will end up ripping content on their own in which they will get in trouble with valve rather than sbox doing it without paying royalties like they would have to.
or people will have to use free textures from online and such or whatever is included in sbox itself.

also they want the process of playing to be as quick as possible, if you have to get sbox, then install another 5 games just to play its gonna waste so much time, so its better just to have the individual content for each game mode as its own thing, no buying (or ripping textures from online trollface here and then mounting it, more simple and less annoyingness overall)


to add to Luke’s answer, there was a post today by Garry talking about the gamemode registration system and how you can link to your code’s URL such as the one to your git repo. As such S&Box and Facepunch likely wouldn’t be hosting the files. I’m not sure how valve would be able to do a whole lot about copyright if it’s being loaded in like it is on the web rather than hosted or distributed by Facepunch or Valve themselves but only time will tell. Since gamemodes are registered with facepunch there might be some control over copyright issues there but I’m not sure how addons would be handled.

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Maybe there will be an agreement where if copyright is broken and someone comes to facepunch is I redirected to the organisation member and or owner? And then it will go from there between the copyright infrigner and the I guess DMCAer I think it would be?
Like when you create your org or make a new map/gamemode/model or whatever any issues causes by it legally that is your fault do get passed right to you in some way?

But eh who knows, all we have is there is no valve or so on assets, only ones in sbox from tub or wise guys or whatever it was, and rust assets. Then you gotta sort the rest yourself.