Has there been a firm say on whether or not HL:A assets will be included?

I’m just going with the assumption HL:A assets are a no no due to royalties, and that facepunch can also just make their own no problem - - until I hear otherwise. :eyes:

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It’s been asked repeatedly over on Discord and the answer is “We don’t know” with a tendency to “No”
However there’s probably not much stopping you from “mounting” the game’s content


I figured as much! It’s generally better practice to make your own assets anyways. The problem with mounting is obviously $$$.

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Yeah, it implies that you already have the content somehow, ideally through legal means also called purchasing the game.


S&Box shipping with their own assets and contents.

There are amazing artists at facepunch that worked on assets for rust and other games, so we would be recieving good quality assets when S&box releases, not to mention the many number of assets that will be created by the community alone.

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