Has there been another wipe / rollback in the past 12 hours?

Hey. Started up the game to find myself as a fresh spawn and my house is completely gone. I have to assume there was another wipe or a rollback? Although the main page doesn’t say anything about it.

I can’t provide a legitimate answer seeing as I’m at work, but it is possible your house was destroyed. Assuming it was a small house anyways. If it wasn’t then I suppose it’s safe to say there was a wipe.

The server had a -117 connection error, it even halted the giveaway stream. From what I read it was due to too many entities being in the game, requiring a map wipe.

Give me a key and I’ll find out :wink:

It had two floors. The biggest I have ever built.

What bugs me really is that I spawned fresh. I had all my gear on and a map wipe would not reset the loot in my inventory.