Has there been any consideration to adding seasons to Rust?

This is something I posted on reddit.com/r/playrust -

I had an idea about incorporating seasons into Rust, mainly to mix things up a bit and change the pace of the game. I don’t know how one would scale this, but here’s what I was thinking:

Winter: There would be shorter days and longer nights. Animals and wood would be scarce, but you could balance this by making zombies much slower, if not immobile making them easier to kill and loot and function as a primary resource. Zombies and rocks would populate normally.

Spring: Days and nights normal length. Rocks and wood populate normally. Animals are plentiful. Zombies are scarce.

Summer: Long days, shorter nights. Rocks, wood, zombies and animals populate normally.

Fall: Days and nights are normal length. Zombies and wood are plentiful. Animals and rocks populate normally.

This is really just a rough idea and balancing between seasons could obviously be tweaked. Spring I feel would drive hunting, whereas fall would drive fortifying shelter and gathering resources for winter.

You could also tweak other things, like the impact certain types of clothing has based on the season.
-For example, in the summer being fully dressed could make you ‘hot’ preventing you from gaining health whereas in the winter there could be an added benefit of wearing cloth armor which would keep you warm and kevlar does not.

I know this isn’t very fleshed-out, but conceptually this could affect gameplay in an interesting way.

What do you guys think?

I would love to see winter added to this game with scarcer animals, coldness actually effects you, etc etc.

If this is by a miracle implemented on official servers, please make all the servers be at the same season time at once so that people don’t go on a server and say “Oh this one is winter, screw this.” and join a different one.

I see your point, but winter doesn’t have to be all bad. For example, if you’re naked in the winter you could just run up to a zombie and bash them with a rock since theoretically they would be frozen - this could make it easier to quickly acquire food and gear even though it’s more difficult to find animals and wood to harvest, if you catch my drift.

Read Garry’s AMA, this is being considered. Either seasons, varied zones or entirely different maps.

I suggested it a while ago. People loved it, I am sure they will get to it eventually.

Yeah your post was way more detailed than mine - you have some really awesome ideas! I hope it does get implemented - it would make playing Rust from day to day feel a bit different. Spice things up a bit.

Well if nothing else, it adds another element to survival, that’s why I like it.

Yeah, it’ll force people to change their strategies depending on the season. For instance in Autum, it’ll be hard to sneak up to someone due to all the cruchy leaves lying around. Or in Winter, you shouldn’t stray too far from your home or any shelter, because you never know when a blizzard is going to hit. I like the concept.