Haseo Model

I’m requesting a Haseo player model if anyone can help, he’s the main character of the .hack//G.U. series of games, as well as the anime. ^^

Reference pictures




Any model would do. If anyone could help, it would be appreciated. ^^

You are not allowed to like anime here.

Expect an angry mob who will use all their efforts to turn the thread into a hellhole.

But i do want to see those weapons.

Well looking at the first page, i saw a request for Voldemort and some pokemon. Is this so bad in retrospect? =D

Actually, I wouldn’t mind having those guns.
That’d be kinda cool.
Pretty much everything else…

yeah, you’re gonna get anti-anime mobbed.

The sword he got on the second pic reminds me of a weapon on Metin 2.

I’ll take that chance ^^ and honestly, he’s more prominent as a videogame character to anyone who recognizes him. o,o

Does anyone know if cel-shading is possible? (I don’t think TF2 uses cel-shading)

Didn’t Medrop’s Invader Zim models have cell-shading? Don’t know how he did it though…

that’s not cel shading, that’s an outline

real cel shading would require a new shader to be written, a nice way to imitate it is with outlining and a lightwarp

You forgot his third form…my favorite!

Didn’t forget it, just couldn’t find a picture with enough detail =3

This would be pretty cool. It’s funny, I don’t think of him as an anime character since I never saw an episode, but as a video game character.
At least the Xth form guns.

I’ll take a shot at the guns, since they basically boxes with some extruding. Help me by posting (or PMing) as many references, from different angles, or the gun as possible. And a good side angle, or close to it, would help tons.

This weapons are not my cup of tea but since I got some time I might help anyway:

Hell, while I was lurking for the pic I saw some of the pictures of other weapons, damn they must have a hard time carrying all those big shits around.

Edit; Also another pic of the big ass sword on the OP:


I realiced the sword is simetric so with one side it would be kinda enought. (altho it would be great if someone could find pictures of above/below the sword).

I’m not going to model an entire anime charactere. And that sword is just annoying. I like the revolver though, and I have found lots of good references. Waiting on a reply to an email, hopefully Fev from this site will send me his stereoscopic drawing of the gun, which will reduce my work time drastically.

Ok, ok, take a chill pill, its not even my request I’m just helping, you said you need pictures so I posted some.

The warp into their hand during battle. :eng101:

Sorry, didn’t mean to imply a tone like that or anything…

No fighting now ^^ atleast now the topic is making someheadway. Thank you guys for helping =3

Anyways, the game itself is rather obscure, as is the anime. Cult status at best, and as such, there isn’t really much art concerning the game. What you’ve seen so far is probably the best of what you’ll get, especially concerning the weapons. What’s left is mostly badly drawn fan art.

That is not to say though that videos can’t help.

Hope this does:

the guns themselves are actually more like machine pistols

I may get to making it soon. I’ve been busy modeling other things.