Hat Maker - Make your own hats with a visual in game menu!

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Changed a lot since I tested it last night… glad to see you added bone selection! Thanks, another great release.

Very nice.

All of a sudden hats became popular…


Very cool though, I like it.

That’s fucking awesome.

Epic… Win.

Amazing Caps, another awesome thing you give the community.

The time has come for massive player controlled mechs. Attach a container to each foot and wham! Get started.

Ops, I accidentially put the data folder inside the lua folder.



Currently you NEED to select a hat to edit, or it will not work properly.

I demand that this is implemented to Garry’s Mod.

Oh Garry…

This is amazing.

Oh and client saving does not seem to work.

I’ll try and fix al these bugs tommorow when I wake up.

That’s actually really cool, good work mate!

All I have to say is, yes.

Will future versions perhaps support the ability to use particle systems as well? I would love to be able to make some of the dodads glow or spark or do other cool things.

Friggin’ sweet.

Only suggestion I have right now is you should change the bodypart select menu so it displays a more user-friendly name (“Head” instead of ValveBiped.etc).

Nice, I always wanted to wear a GLaDOS. Very nice work.

I could help you with the ui, but I’m a bit demobilized at the moment.

Oh my god, This looks awesome.