Hat not appearing in the right place on TF2 Scout.

It’s in the wrong location. It’s supposed to go through the Scout’s head. Help us please.
We used 3DS Max to make this hat. Everything is on the bip_head bone. We don’t know what’s going on.

Yeah, I got it into itemtest, but the positioning is way off.

Hey guys, may i know how do you save a character file (spy for example) wearing items that is already on tf2?

You’d need an importer and exporter, and a hole lot of stuff.

But what are the programs needed? I wanted to import stuff :L

Um, help us…

Hello, you have to set the Hat on the pib_head bone instead of bip_head bone.

The scout uses a other bone than the rest of the tf2 models.

Import the scout into a 3d package
Import the hat
position the hat and rig it to the right skeleton

Unless of course hats use a nontypical attachment system.