Let’s think about hatches…

yes yes my concept terrible…

i need this for my lovely bone re-enactments

Can we use it to toss victims into the basement?

i would like hatches, but it has been discussed before;)

I like the idea of trap doors (and corresponding flooring), but I think adding ladders would get too messy. It would be a nice way to just escape to a floor below.

Yeah it was, but been forgotten…

Some base designs would benefit of this, you could even simplify this making it easier to implement:


Color code:

  • brown = walls
  • Grey = foundation
  • red half-floor + hatch door
  • blue = hinge

Pitfall Floors + Hatches

Here is my view on this concept…


Give us hatches =_=

didn’t need a necro.

Cyber Hunter it`s cool idea!

Completely agree that hatches would be great. I’ve made 2 similar posts, both here and on Reddit. This one seems to have more replies than any of mine did though, so happy to bump it and add my vote to the poll :slight_smile: