Hatchet better for animals

So they made the pick axe better than the hatchet for everything except gathering off a dead animal. Now this is only after you’ve killed the animal, the pick axe will still kill it the quickest of all melee but the hatchet harvests much faster. For this reason, when I’m out gathering resources, I usually carry the pick axe and hatchet. This is probably not the intent, so I just wanted to bring it up in case they might want to look at it.

IMO, it’s kinda dumb that a pickaxe can harvest wood faster than a hatchet. Pickaxes should be better at destroying things, killing. and mining rocks, while hatchets should be better at harvesting wood and dead animals.

It is intended, it states exactly that on multiple wiki-sites (= Pickaxe is best for everything except gathering animals, so keep both with u at all times!

I use the hatchet for everything. even though the pickaxe gets more resources at a time, it swings slower, and the hatchet actually harvests faster. It seems trees and harvestable items have a set amount of stuff you can collect from them. The faster swing times of the hatchet actually collects it all faster than the slower but higher yield pickaxe. I haven’t noticed a difference in total amount of resources gained from harvestables, only a difference in time it takes to collect all their stuff.

The hatchet and the pickaxe is pretty much the same, for gathering ressources, in my experience. The hatchet gets twice as much wood each swing, but also takes twice as long to use.

I haven’t timed it or anything… so I don’t really know.

But an example is wood: A metal hatchet collects 10 wood each hit. A pickaxe takes about twice as long each swing, but collects 20 wood each hit. I can’t say if one is better over the other, but I DO run around with both.

Its preference other than that nobody really cares that’s a simple fix and if they choose to they will during ALPHA. but I think they have bigger issues that a pick axe vs. a hatchet right now. When game goes live it will be the way they really decide to have it. ENJOY ALPHA and look for those bugs and report …

The one thing the pickaxe is definitely better for is sneaking up on animals and hitting them. A hatchet takes 4 hits to kill a deer… a pickaxe takes 2. Other than that I agree with what’s been said… hatchets are superior.

4 with a rock, hatchet is a little more