Hatchet glitches then disappears

I’m not sure if this was posted anywhere else, (I looked around and couldn’t find it.)

But since the new update, whenever I run around with a hatchet or anything I hold with 1 hand out, glitches a few times and then disappears. I can still use whatever the item was, but I can no long see it until I press whatever number in the quickbar its on to put it away and then press it again to bring it back out. But then it glitches out shortly after and disappears again.

Is anyone else having this same problem?

(It’s not my computer, I assure you)

Yeah ive notice this i thought it was weird but its not massive or a game changer its minor im sure they will sort it when they have got the time.

Happend before the last update aswell.

I had this since I got the game, this does not affect anything, the hatchet still works. In order to see it again change to something else (Hold something else) and then back to the hatchet.

same here

Same here