Hatchet vs PickAxe? What breaks walls and farms resources faster?

Just done a little test with walls, hitting them 8 times with salvaged hammer.

Pickaxe took 1:15 to take it down.
Hatchet took 0:31to take it down

Is the pickaxe better at resources or just really inefficient for everything?

For lvl6 walls use a stone hatchet.
For lvl5 walls and below use a metal hatchet.
Pickaxe is just too slow to make it worth it.
For gathering resources from trees and rocks, the bone knife was best but hasn’t worked for several days.

A lot of placeholder values for item stats at the moment. A stone hatchet will work just as well as an iron one. I would say a stone hatchet is about the most efficient tool at the moment.

You can break a level 6 wall down in under and hour if you use stone hatchet for level 6-5, and then use a metal hatchet for level 4-0.

And this I hope is going to be rectified in later versions. It’s pretty insane that you can smash down a metal-lined stone and rock wall in an hour with a stone tool.

Yes, I realize this is Alpha and a game, and I’m all for the marauding aspect of the game, but it’s absurdly easy to break into someone’s base right now; there’s really no planning or skill involved.

I took out a ceiling in just over 45 minutes yesterday by switching from the stone hatchet to the metal hatchet as soon as the ceiling changed to the stone level 4 texture.

People just need to spend more time thinking about base design and less about how the game should make them untouchable once they close their doors. I see so many houses with double thick walls, but it only takes one ceiling tile to break to gain access. The bases I don’t waste my time on are the ones that have buildings inside of buildings. As a lone raider, I’m not spending time in a base that I have to break two ceiling tiles to gain access.

I appreciate that, but it should be hard to break down a wall. Period. Flush them out with fire would be a legit strategy and maybe make a stone house difficult to achieve (like crafting and baking bricks, 1 at a time).

I don’t know all the answers, but right now, the balance is not right.

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and I’m sure it was 45 minutes non-stop with a weight on the mouse…

An easy fix for that would be to have tools wear out or fatigue.

I wouldn’t waste time on any lvl 6 walls. I can gather enough resource to make whatever they have in that house.

It’s also absurd that it’s an accepted game mechanic to encourage a player to tape their mouse button down and afk for half an hour in order to break into someone’s base.

That’s just fucking stupid. There are better ways to handle base defense than inflating some damage values on a structure.

I’m almost certain that this is planned at some point. Feel free to correct me if I’m mistaken.

well, durability is a part of legacy, so probably part of getting to baseline:)

That’s good news on the damage front.

I’ve only been playing for 10-12 hours, so my observations may be on the naive side. Hopefully the game balance improves without the use of gimmicks because I like the raiding aspect of the game… just wish it would happen when I was actually playing too.

There will be item durability and the weapon damage will probably be scaled down, or wall durability scaled up. Either way i think in the future raiding will be more exciting then beating a wall for an hour. I think one of the biggest reason this is possible is due to huge maps with low population. In legacy you would never get away with beating on a door for an hour without someone coming up behind you and killing you. In this version you can usually go unnoticed.

People gotta remember right now it is really easy to make a fully upgraded level 6 base, so if they want to test raiding etc it needs to be easier then desired to also break in. I would imagine when things are balanced it will be much more difficult to get the materials for a fully upgraded level 6 base and likewise it will be much harder to just break into a house with a stone hatchet.