Hate Dark RP? Read this!

You are probably here because you hate darkrp.
You probably actually like darkrp but hate it cause some guy said it was gay.
Besides the point.

DarkRP : Interact with other players, make money, and help the community.
Rest: Sell beans on a virtual market, or make a boring custom job.

DarkRP: Rdming mingebags is a quick fix.
Rest: We don’t allow rdming mingebags. We just sell beans on a virtual market.

DarkRP: I can make good custom classes. As long as my admin knows what hes doing.
Rest: Users make random custom classes that have no real point.
DarkRP: Btw I can do that too just be citizen and change your job name.

Rest: Hey I’ve got custom skills!
DarkRP: Admin could make custom skills on DarkRP too.

DarkRP: People comment on me being a bad rp mod. Actually it all depends on the server owner/admins.
Rest: lolwut?

DarkRP is all based on the owner of the server. If you think that DarkRP sucks, then you just suck at editing it or the owner of the server that you played on sucked.
Stop critisizing DarkRP

Darkrp sucks.

I’m so badass rite guys.

No. DarkRP is coded horribly and is just asking for DM’ing. Easy ass way to get guns, lock doors prop block.
Autojobs, F4

kills everyone


Dming fix: Add gun dealing licenses increase gun prices.
Prop block: Ban all minges/ propblockers. Also theres a thing called propcost.
Locking doors?? : Lockpicks.

You sir, really need to learn on how to RP.

RP = Roleplay.

Roleplay means that, you PRETEND to do something, like sell melons, people dont buy it because they can have use for it, they buy the melon because you are ROLEPLAYING things out.

Either go back to DarkRP, which is horribly coded and just fucking asks for a player to start DMing, learn on how to RP, or stop Roleplaying, period.

There is a solution to all of those execpt locked doors: Ban the Mingebag. Period.
Why the fuck do you think Admins exist?

As for locked doors, just fucking ignore the door. It’s not that hard.

I have yet to see a public active DarkRP server that had something even close to role play with character development, dialogue, and environmental continuance in a larger overarching storyline.

Voila, le fix.

Join the right server and you won’t get all the horseshit you guys are mentioning.

Good Post GrayNinja, its just how it is!

Yes you are.

DarkRP is just a crap script.
PERP is much better.

DarkRP and most edits and derivatives of it are rubbish. Everyone here will give you pretty-much the same answer, and so will Garry.

It’s not just the coding of it, but it’s also the concept. DarkRP = Deathmatch RP.

I’ve found few, but it’s very little.
The problem isn’t that it just gives out guns, it’s that it gives so much to the point where roleplay is practically a option. That’s bad.

I don’t play any RP, so what RP script is everyone using instead of Dark RP?

Let’s put it simply
I don’t like it. End Of.

Want some more words? It’s a Glorified Deathmatch, with all the Abuse Trimmings thrown in.
Just putting it on a server yells “Premium Deathmatch Here! No Retaliation, their all Idiots. Kill all you can!

It’s not the script, it’s the community. You can RP on flatgrass in sandbox if you have good players. Same with DarkRP, if people RP, it’s great.

And thats the bottom line Spacewolf! Its a shame not many people understand that

I understand it, it’s just the fact that just owning a DarkRP server with over 5 players at a time is beckoning a Mingebag Tidalwave.

Plus, several of it’s jobs defeat the entire “Real Life” theme, since when in RL do we have Gundealers in public? Or for that matter, full Arrest/Kill sprees.
I know, I know, I keep jibbering on about how bad DarkRP is, besides the fact that i often play 0m3ga’s BuildRP server. But i can’t help it, I want DarkRP dead as much as any other TnBer. While it is refreshing, it has caused a massive Torrent in Mingebag populations, much like DoTA on WC3, it has warped the Game one way, and suddenly, atleast one Kid in every Primary School(In the UK & US) knows about it, and braggarts all day about what they’ve done.

That’s what I do. I find it fun building and selling cars for my friends on maps and stuff like that. Having an RP gamemode where people DM is honestly less satisfying than just having to ban whoever doesn’t follow the rules, in my opinion.

No, it is the script. It is entirely the script. And no I’m not talking about locking a server and using it to role play because that to me doesn’t constitute as a role play community with a continuing storyline and new people joining to become a part of that. But even when I’ve found myself playing various DarkRP scripts privately with friends who were more than capable role players, we found ourselves distracted by the script and ended up having slightly role played gun fights.

The problem with DarkRP is that besides the basic chat functions there is not a single part of the script that promotes a role play attitude but rather an RPG type attitude with a glorified death match game mode. Every feature, especially in the newer variants are distractions from role play. Whether it be the classes, stats, hunger/energy systems, administration commands, weapon spawning, money generation, and limited restrictions all of these features are horrible for coherent role play to function within a public community. And to say you can make it serious is a blatant lie and is really inefficient when to make it truly a serious script to role play on within a public community you would have to remove more than half its functions which by the time you did that there were already five public role play scripts you could have used to do the same thing a lot better and more effectively instead of wasting your time trying to fix it or administrate it. And to be honest anyone would runs a community and claims their DarkRP community to be serious has not the slightest clue about role play. Because if they were to understand the functions of a role play server properly as well as the basic tenants of role play they would not have used DarkRP in the first place. Especially in lieu of several other viable options.

Another problem I have with it is that it caps people in developing their role play skills and really deprives people of a proper role play experience because they get stuck in this mentality.

Spacewolf also had an interesting comment regarding role playing on flat grass which I disagree with as well. Boredom is the number one problem facing all role play communities, lack of action between role play interactions. It plagues even the most self proclaimed serious communities. It turns people into their primal FPS modes wanting to create conflict. Whether it be in game or out of game. Boredom is what destroys role play. And so to say you can role play on flat grass with the right capable people is true but I can claim that in a very short amount of time those people will devolve into creating some sort of action to entertain themselves. It’s happened to me multiple times. That’s the job of a good role play script to keep the flow going. To keep the dialogue flowing and to keep the role play interactions fresh and continual as much as possible. Your never going to be able to keep these interactions going 24/7 but to be able to provide the structure and the visual cinematic experience to enlarge these moments and lengthen these interactions for as long as possible is the best function of a role play script as it prevents the dangers of idle role play.

You really have to look at a good RP scripts main function to be a mesmerizing feature that distracts people from boredom and leads them down to creating interesting, engrossing role play story lines with other players while preventing a person from getting bored during idle times on a role play server. And if you were to ask me I believe there isn’t one script right now that does that as effectively as it could be. There are however some scripts that do it a lot better than others.

Lol I knew this was going to happen. A bunch of people say that I’m an idiot. Simply darkrp is only as good as its owner who’s editing it, and the community. Thats why if you know how to host a server is possibly the best script.