Hatless TF2 Ragdolls in Gmod Tutorial

There are many people still out there who don’t know how to do this, and its really hard to find a tutorial on how to do this anywhere.

So I decided to make a video tutorial for people, since theres none on youtube.

If you got any questions, just ask me. It might be a little confusing.
Try experimenting with ragdolls.

Awesome! Thanks for the heads up dude!

Informative, simple to understand, mildly amusing, and no unavoidable annoyances (the “OVERTIME OVERTIME” loop made me mute it, but nothing else was all that annoying).


Nice tut!
I’ll be sure to try that on other ragdolls.

Yeh sorry about the music. In a rush to upload it to youtube before I left for work, I just grabbed a quick song and threw it in.

For this tutorial I tip my hat off to you sir!

Yeah, with the command you can get gman without a briefcase and head crab zombies with head crabs on them.

It’s a really useful command for posing.