Hats Trailing the Player

** Solved, no need to read. **

I made my own simple hats system, it’s pretty much the first thing I’ve done with Lua.
When I stand still, looks great! :smiley:
When I move, it trails behind a step or two. D:

The first solution to come to mind would be to add the player’s velocity to the global position that the hat is drawing at.
Of course, draw is updated more than once a second. Velocity, I assume, is in units/second. This makes the hat fly off the player with such reckless abandon that they seem like they don’t want to come back ever again.
So, I have to divide it by something! I would assume it would be divided by however often ENT:Draw() is called per second, but… I don’t know how often that is. And therein lies the problem.
Help? :smiley:

It would help if you showed us the code where you put the hat on the player/update its position/whatever.

Yeah, that probably would’ve helped. Though an answer to my question would’ve also sufficed.
I have found RealFrameTime() after another several minutes of digging and am using it as a multiplier of the player’s velocity. Works perfectly.
Thanks for your intent to help, though, haha. I appreciate it.