Hello, I’ve yet to see much chatbox addons for the longest time. The only one I’ve stumbled upon is my_hat_stinks’ addon. Yet, it was released around August of this year, making it quite useless with the new updates. Sure it isn’t hard to fix or create your own if you’re a legit coder.

Anyway, I’ll shut up now and explain.

This is the original post and creator:

With the help of Wolfo I’ve fixed it for those of you who are unable to and am now releasing it once again. All credits go to the rightful creator. I only fixed it with the help of a friend.

Here is the release of the fixed version: Download

I will remove this if requested by the owner. Enjoy!

Awesome ^^ Its very better than the default aka. 404 ERR0R


I must have done something wrong, it doesn’t appear to work by simply placing it into addons. You’ll manually have to put it into your servers’ directory by placing the files in each directory specified manually. Should work then.

Also, some people may get the error:

[ERROR] lua/cl_hatschat.lua:76: attempt to call method 'GetPData' (a nil value)
  1. unknown - lua/cl_hatschat.lua:76

Timer Failed! [Simple][@lua/cl_hatschat.lua (line 74)]Chat emoticons set up!

I have yet to see it, I’ll see what I can do.

Also, it appears to get rid of Overv’s Evolve autofinish plugin for commands. If anybody uses the admin mod. I’m unsure of how to fix that.

It conflicts with ulx and makes chatPrint and chat.AddText nil

I’ll install ULX and ULIB on a test server so I can address it.

The timer error displaying GetPData as a nil value is fixed and client options to enable or disable should stick along with the icons and glowing text loading properly. Also updated download link. ULX users may want to find out if the new updated version breaks ULX.

I do think Hat removed it because LDT have ©opyright on it. Don’t know if it is true. But try posting a Request to post it to the public on there forum (Since this chat was used on there Deathrun server): http://ldt-clan.com

Hatschat was also used on Noxious Net though. Or at least a very visually similiar looking one

Jetboom made his own…

HatsChat Chatbox is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 license.

Its included in the Lua files (the very ones I also forgot to add information as to what version the were :v: and it is also stated that you may edit it in the original thread)

As of now I have not seen any drama seeping from the cracks and nobody has yet to prove they’re the rightful owner and that they’re displeased. At this moment I will only remove the download URL and snip my first post if asked by my_hat_stinks himself. Thank you :>

Will it possible to add another language?

Another chatbox.

can’t believe I missed this thread, looks good (and thanks for patchin’ her up)

Possibly, I’ve only fixed the chatbox, though. I’m not that advanced in lua.

No problem, I did receive a little help but as of now I believe it still receives GetPData as nil at times. So I’m still looking in to that.

Any luck fixing the ULX problems?

I got bored, for people who don’t know how to edit go to line 97 and paste tihs over the Variable. I don’t know why i did this but who cares; all that matter is the people on the server is using some of the new ones, enjoy the lovely addon.

To look at the different colours go here: http://ban-hammer.net/forum/index.php?/topic/182-how-to-use-the-custom-chatbox/

local ChatColours = { --Simpler than the emoticons table
-- {"String to replace", Colour to use},
{"[aliceblue]", Color(240,248,255)},
{"[antiquewhite]", Color(250,235,215)},
{"[aqua]", Color(0,255,255)},
{"[aquamarine]", Color(127,255,212)},
{"[azure]", Color(240,255,255)},
{"[beige]", Color(245,245,220)},
{"[bisque]", Color(255,228,196)},
{"[black]", Color(0,0,0)},
{"[blanchedalmond]", Color(255,235,205)},
{"", Color(0,0,255)},
{"[blueviolet]", Color(138,43,226)},
{"[brown]", Color(165,424,2)},
{"[burlywood]", Color(222,184,135)},
{"[cadetblue]", Color(95,158,160)},
{"[chartreuse]", Color(127,255,0)},
{"[chocolate]", Color(210,105,30)},
{"[coral]", Color(255,127,80)},
{"[cornflowerblue]", Color(100,149,237)},
{"[cornsilk]", Color(255,248,220)},
{"[crimson]", Color(220,206,0)},
{"[cyan]", Color(0,255,255)},
{"[darkblue]", Color(0,0,139)},
{"[darkcyan]", Color(0,139,139)},
{"[darkgoldenrod]", Color(184,134,11)},
{"[darkgray]", Color(169,169,169)},
{"[darkgreen]", Color(0,100,0)},
{"[darkkhaki]", Color(189,183,107)},
{"[darkmagenta]", Color(139,0,139)},
{"[darkolivegreen]", Color(85,107,47)},
{"[darkorange]", Color(255,140,0)},
{"[darkorchid]", Color(153,50,204)},
{"[darkred]", Color(139,0,0)},
{"[darksalmon]", Color(233,150,122)},
{"[darkseagreen]", Color(143,188,143)},
{"[darkslateblue]", Color(72,61,139)},
{"[darkslategray]", Color(47,79,79)},
{"[darkturquoise]", Color(0,206,209)},
{"[darkviolet]", Color(148,0,211)},
{"[deeppink]", Color(255,20,147)},
{"[deepskyblue]", Color(0,191,255)},
{"[dimgray]", Color(105,105,105)},
{"[dodgerblue]", Color(301,442,55)},
{"[firebrick]", Color(178,34,34)},
{"[floralwhite]", Color(255,250,240)},
{"[forestgreen]", Color(34,139,34)},
{"[fuchsia]", Color(255,0,255)},
{"[gainsboro]", Color(220,220,220)},
{"[ghostwhite]", Color(248,248,255)},
{"[gold]", Color(255,215,0)},
{"[goldenrod]", Color(218,165,32)},
{"[gray]", Color(128,128,128)},
{"[green]", Color(0,128,0)},
{"[greenyellow]", Color(173,255,47)},
{"[honeydew]", Color(240,255,240)},
{"[hotpink]", Color(255,105,180)},
{"[Indianred]", Color(205,92,92)},
{"[indigo]", Color(75,0,130)},
{"[ivory]", Color(255,255,240)},
{"[khaki]", Color(240,230,140)},
{"[lavender]", Color(230,230,250)},
{"[lavenderblush]", Color(255,240,245)},
{"[lawngreen]", Color(124,252,0)},
{"[lemonchiffon]", Color(255,250,205)},
{"[lightblue]", Color(173,216,230)},
{"[lightcoral]", Color(240,128,128)},
{"[lightcyan]", Color(224,255,255)},
{"[lightgoldenrodyellow]", Color(250,250,210)},
{"[lightgreen]", Color(144,238,144)},
{"[lightgrey]", Color(211,211,211)},
{"[lightpink]", Color(255,182,193)},
{"[lightsalmon]", Color(255,160,122)},
{"[lightseagreen]", Color(32,178,170)},
{"[lightskyblue]", Color(135,206,250)},
{"[lightslategray]", Color(119,136,153)},
{"[lightsteelblue]", Color(176,196,222)},
{"[lightyellow]", Color(255,255,224)},
{"[lime]", Color(0,255,0)},
{"[limegreen]", Color(50,205,50)},
{"[linen]", Color(250,240,230)},
{"[magenta]", Color(255,0,255)},
{"[maroon]", Color(128,0,0)},
{"[mediumaquamarine]", Color(102,205,170)},
{"[mediumblue]", Color(0,0,205)},
{"[mediumorchid]", Color(186,85,211)},
{"[mediumpurple]", Color(147,112,219)},
{"[mediumseagreen]", Color(60,179,113)},
{"[mediumslateblue]", Color(123,104,238)},
{"[mediumspringgreen]", Color(0,250,154)},
{"[mediumturquoise]", Color(72,209,204)},
{"[mediumviolet red]", Color(199,21,133)},
{"[midnightblue]", Color(25,25,112)},
{"[mintcream]", Color(245,255,250)},
{"[mistyrose]", Color(255,228,225)},
{"[moccasin]", Color(255,228,181)},
{"[navajowhite]", Color(255,222,173)},
{"[navy]", Color(0,0,128)},
{"[oldlace]", Color(253,245,230)},
{"[olive]", Color(128,128,0)},
{"[olivedrab]", Color(107,142,35)},
{"[orange]", Color(255,165,0)},
{"[orangered]", Color(255,69,0)},
{"[orchid]", Color(218,112,214)},
{"[palegoldenrod]", Color(238,232,170)},
{"[palegreen]", Color(152,251,152)},
{"[paleturquoise]", Color(175,238,238)},
{"[palevioletred]", Color(219,112,147)},
{"[papayawhip]", Color(255,239,213)},
{"[peachpuff]", Color(255,218,185)},
{"[peru]", Color(205,133,63)},
{"[pink]", Color(255,192,203)},
{"[plum]", Color(221,160,221)},
{"[powderblue]", Color(176,224,230)},
{"[purple]", Color(128,0,128)},
{"", Color(255,0,0)},
{"[rosybrown]", Color(188,143,143)},
{"[royalblue]", Color(65,105,225)},
{"[saddlebrown]", Color(139,69,19)},
{"[salmon]", Color(250,128,114)},
{"[sandybrown]", Color(244,164,96)},
{"[seagreen]", Color(46,139,87)},
{"[seashell]", Color(255,245,238)},
{"[sienna]", Color(160,82,45)},
{"[silver]", Color(192,192,192)},
{"[skyblue]", Color(135,206,235)},
{"[slateblue]", Color(106,90,205)},
{"[slategray]", Color(112,128,144)},
{"[snow]", Color(255,250,250)},
{"[springgreen]", Color(0,255,127)},
{"[steel blue]", Color(70,130,180)},
{"[tan]", Color(210,180,140)},
{"[teal]", Color(0,128,128)},
{"[thistle]", Color(216,191,216)},
{"[tomato]", Color(255,99,71)},
{"[turquoise]", Color(64,224,208)},
{"[violet]", Color(238,130,238)},
{"[wheat]", Color(245,222,179)},
{"[white]", Color(255,255,255)},
{"[whitesmoke]", Color(245,245,245)},
{"[yellow]", Color(255,255,0)},
{"[yellowgreen]", Color(154,205,50)}

Apologies, I have not had time to test that out yet. I’ve been working with mysql db’s that have been giving me trouble so I took a little time off from it. I’ll see what I can do today and I’ll report right back.

Thanks for being so generous. I’ve had some people in my server request more creative colour options. I didn’t know where to start. Thanks for the generous contribution. I’ll add it to the next update when I figure out the problem with ULX users.

Just an suggestion: Since you say they want more colors, you could draw the panels with markup then they would have a language for such ( fonts and colors ) it’s not really abusive since things like
don’t work without being processed by you.
It’s style is like the one of HTML and nox’s does it too I think.
I don’t know if nox draws it with markup or processes them manually but they have that language too so I’m guessing they use that to draw it too.

<color=255,0,128> penis </color>

Is there a way to set this up for ULX Admin only can use the color chat? Everyone else is white?