Hatschat2 Tags flash

This is the script i use for my chat tags… it’s HatsChat2… Please could someone tell me how i could make one of these tags flash?

HatsChat.ChatTags = {}
local CT = HatsChat.ChatTags

CT.Enabled = true
CT.Tags = {
	["owner"] = {Color(85,0,150), "[Owner]"},
	["coowner"] = {Color(90,50,150), "[Co-Owner]"},
	["headadmin"] = {Color(180,50,50), "[Head Admin]"},
	["sadmin"] = {Color(180,50,100), "[S-Admin]"},
	["superadmin"] = {Color(180,50,100), "[S-Admin]"},
	["admin"] = {Color(255,150,50), "[Admin]"},
	["mod"] = {Color(100,200,255), "[Mod]"},
	["moderator"] = {Color(100,200,255), "[Moderator]"},
	["dev"] = {Color(100,200,255), "[Dev]"},
	["developer"] = {Color(100,200,255), "[Developer]"},
	["coder"] = {Color(100,200,255), "[Coder]"},
	["trusted"] = {Color(50,200,180), "[Trusted]"},
	["respected"] = {Color(50,200,180), "[Respected]"},
	["regular"] = {Color(50,200,180), "[Regular]"},
	["trial"] = {Color(50,200,180), "[Trial]"},
	["trialmod"] = {Color(50,200,180), "[Trial Mod]"},
	["trialadmin"] = {Color(50,200,180), "[Trial Admin]"},
	["donator"] = {Color(100,200,50), "[Donator]"},
	["vip"] = {Color(100,200,50), "[VIP]"},
	["vip+"] = {Color(180,200,100), "[VIP+]"},

function CT.GetTag( ply )
	if not CT.Enabled then return end
	if not IsValid(ply) then return end
	local rank = HatsChat.GetPlayerRank(ply)
	return CT.Tags[ string.lower(rank) ]

Typically you’d use math.sin with math.abs to ramp the number up and down for one or more colors. You can also use HSVColor which cycles through all colors.

Here’s an old post I wrote up on the topic; I haven’t made a concrete tutorial but it is planned.

I don’t know anything about hats chat, so I don’t know if it is rendered, static after being inserted, or what. You may be better off asking the author.