Hatsune Miku Project DIVA Dreamy Theater

This is a question that might turn into my second request of the day. Now, I know there’s some of the Vocaloids out there, but I was going to ask if they are imported from Dreamy Theater, which I have to say is the best quality source for their models. If not, well, the simple question is ‘Why?’

References are a requester’s best friend.

Indeed. What is this Dreamy Theater of which you speak?

Isn’t Project DIVA a PSP game? It might look a little too low-poly for Source.

Here’s what she looks like in-game.

Dreamy Theater is the PS3 Port of the PSP Game.

People on the Xentax forums ripped models from the game, but only Luka was made available to download so far.

Well i think both of the models from the game look great but i like the ones from project diva, dreamy theater seem to have shading issues, and are not as great looking without the bump maps. Here is photos of 2 Mikus i ripped to show the differences.

Project Diva:
upload pictures

Dreamy Theater:

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Here is Neru

Project Diva:
free image hosting

Program i use sucks with shading but here is Neru Dreamy Theater

Dreamy Theater:
photo hosting

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this is how a dreamy theater model looks with shading off.

Dreamy Theater:
upload pictures

and yet

Project Diva:

Good job on bumping this dead thread mate

He bumped it with relevant content, it’s not like he just posted “bump” or something else stupid. So he’s in the right, leave him be.

But as if there will be any content or model resource released? well lets see on that…

The thread is a year old though, and he didn’t really release anything helpful but pictures.

Yeah I want to see some models released since our time has been wasted “showing off” what models this guy has.

LOL WOW model greedy i see, and first off the person who made this didn’t even ask for specific model, all he/she wanted to know from what i understand is if it is possible to get the models from the game and i showed that it is, cause i did myself. And im not going to spend hours ripping all the dreamy theater and project diva models. thats 100s of models dreamy theater 2nd/extend models along with project diva extend models to much time will be needed to do that if you guys want a model sample then fine.

Here is a model ripped from Project Diva 1 (not 2nd or extend like the shown models above) uploaded it for a model sample.

Password: projectdiva

up pic

LOL didnt think it was a requirement to post models.

It’s not, we’re not model greedy. Don’t assume please.

It was the fact that this thread is from 2011 and you bumped it. No harm done though, this is your first time and you didn’t know.

It’s not a requirement to post models, nor is it a matter of people being model greedy. There’s just been users in the past that were bragging about what they ripped and showing them off, which lead to people getting pissed off because they would continue showing off the model while essentially pulling the whole “I got this and you don’t, nya nya!” card. A lot people don’t appreciate braggers around here from what I’ve noticed, so it’s a generally good idea to actually provide a download link for the models if you have them and nobody else has posted a download for the models themselves.

That, and like Joe said - this thread is from 2011, so might as well make the bump worthwhile.

I didnt even know what bumped meant to tell you the truth

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Well i didn’t know the person was asking for a model just thought they where asking if it was possible to get them out the game. Dreamy Theater models are very easy to rip as for project diva you need to seriously hammer the .igbs, project diva1 is easy to get as for 2nd/extend there crazy as hell. both the neru model and black and white miku models where hard to convert.

How do you go about getting the project Diva ps3 version? is it a iso or a dlc? I havent found it anywhere , and I been meaning to rip from the game for awhile.

its a .pkg file (package file) its project diva but for the PS3 and it is required that you own the PSP version/saved data to play the game. I extracted mine from my own PS3 but im sure there is a trail link on the internet. its illegal so therefor i wont provide any links, but right now only dreamy theater 1/2nd are possible to rip from dreamy theater extend is encrypted and im working on that as of now all i can rip from is dreamy theater 1st/2nd and Project diva 1st/2nd/extend but the project diva games are a pain.

thanks for the info, I guess ill be attempting to get the models soon then.

I also ripped Natural Miku But there’s a problem with the textures. But can you give me the Natural Miku model?