Hatsune Miku project diva future tone PS4 HWM port source 2 alpha


Heres test videos and Renders of her in hla s2fm:

I guessing this could be work for s&box (But I don’t have s&box to test but maybe it can be work in hla its nice I really wish to get s&box and port my miku to see if can handle my miku)

Please don’t ban me if this is not okey to post here I will never post again if its wrong (I posted because its releasted source 2 maybe someone find usefull for s&box dev)

Since Hla workshop tools released I have been working and bug reporting to create my Hatsune Miku port to Source 2
And Heres Alpha release of my miku I will add lots of thing for her in the future but for now lets say what she got:

Note: If you used or using my s1 or gmod version of miku port rig is changed little bit for fixing bugs but still using orginal PDFT rig.

face_wrinkleteeth.lua yes
face_wrinklescales.lua yes
face_rules.lua yes
face_lockjaw.lua no
face_lipzipper.lua yes
face_correctors.lua yes ( upperFaceSwitch = true ; lowerFaceSwitch = true ; )
face_cleanup.lua yes

She got diffrent faces but only the Hatsune_Miku_head_main model have flex

Note: I will upload emotion table for her.

Physic Body:
PhysicsHullFile count: Module: 88 / Hair: 110
PhysicsJointConical count: Module: 86 / Hair: 109
PhysicsBodyMarkup count: Module: 88 / Hair: 110

Cloth Simulation (Softbody):
JiggleBone count: Module: 77 / Hair: 107
ClothNode count: Module: 77 / Hair: 121

(but there is non jiggled and non cloth (Softbody) versions there too)

All faces bodygruops:

cheek01 / cheek_02 / cheek_03 / cheek_04 / tear_01 / tear_02 / ase_09 / ase_10 / ikari / kira_11 / kira_12 / kira_14 / namida / suzi


hair_front / hair_back / hair_tail_left / hair_tail_right / hair_tie_left_center / hair_tie_left_main / hair_tie_right_center / hair_tie_right_main / headset_right_main / headset_left / headset_left_red_light / headset_left_yellow_light_1 / headset_left_yellow_light_2 / headset_right_mic / headset_right_mic_cover / headset_right_yellow_light_1 / headset_right_yellow_light_2 / headset_right_red_light


tie_main / tie_up / tie_lo / Sleeve_light_r / Sleeve_light_l / Sleeve_ring_l / Sleeve_ring_r / 01_tag / alpha_lo / alpha_mid_l / alpha_mid_r / alpha_up / vocaloid_tag / leg_light_l_up / leg_light_r_up / leg_light_l_lo / leg_light_r_lo / golden_plate / outer_icon / belt / skirt_flash / hands /

Module: normal / _g / _gu same with non env
Hair: normal / _g / _gu

You need merge hair head and body using with these bones names:
There is no more bone limitation yay!

Note this is Alpha version there could be major bugs for her. (Please type them)
Know bugs:
Some time in headset bodygruops of light disapear
Some time linked head disapear you need to get back to first time to see it again.


Also its phy test for hair in Modeldoc this model is crazy level hull ragdoll

Uh wow, looks laggy, but on a showcase point of view it’s actually amazingly done.
I remember seeing this addon! I was searching for mods that used the new source 2 cloth physics and this mod was one of the only that came up.

I am also absolutely not surprised that it would be Miku, when you become a modeller you choose 3 archetypes: Furry, Anime or Porn (You can also mix and mash all 3!), Miku has always been so popular for some reason.

I am using miku because she is also singing program its not reason of anime ( I just started love when I play Project Diva Future Tone in Ps4 free version in my job than I started liking than I decided make songs with her than I ported her as HWM than we are here lol ) or something I got created song with vocaloid 5 with her v4 base. She is wonderful bank to use. Also this is only hair also she got hulls for her module too.

Also yeah people really wonder her this really hard to release s2 I need get help from Gamezombie and Artfunkel for HWM (also still modeldoc not see HWM but I maneged fit HWM with old editor if its works its fine I guess lol) But finally comment on her really burn my brain to convert her to s2. Also I am working on Kagamine Rin HWM I will release her s1 and s2 soon.

Also thinking vocaloid VR concert

im sorry i had to change that title,
the full caps was just too jarring to me, feels like something popped in my brain while trying to read it, much easier to read now

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Oh God, like cinemaRP, but live, and real people? interact with your favorite VTubers in-game…

ups sorry for that I just copy paste from my workshop I didn’t notice that caps I sometimes forget I typing on caps.

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well not exaclly its bit like project diva vr games like this

but for now I got only Half-life Alyx I am thinking on that

Also Miku is Vocaloid she is so diffrent than vtubers

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Aye, I saw this on my discord. Yeah, pretty cool, if the game I will screw around with the new engine. I’m currently modeling for a portfolio.

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