Made by me Frodo Swaggins (or ings, WOOHOO SPELLING MISTAKES).



Was bored, like usual and decided to make a tribute to stunning models like the BSAA SOU ones.
Post your opinions please, i am making more melodramatic scenes like these, stay tuned for moar! :suicide:

P.S. i would add a gif where the haunted side would start coming and going, flickering.
If i get better at PS i’ll do that.

Also check out my sh*t

Just a little criticism here, your posing looks rigid. His arms are almost straight out, but that isn’t how you hold a gun. Try doing the pose in real life and then put it there. Loosen the posing up a bit. Otherwise, good job!

Thank you alot, i do try and fix the poses here and there.
Also, oops arm colliding with the fabric of space time (the shirt) on the left!

You should also look at pictures of people doing whatever you’re posing if you’re having trouble making it seem realistic.