Hauptmann's WW2 scenes

This is my first thread so be indulgent :slight_smile:
I now that I’m a shit at Posing and editing but at least, I tried to do my best.




I always try to add realism. It’s Natural, I’m collecting WW2 German Gear :slight_smile:

I will update often.

P.S : Sorry for my bad english, I’m Belgian

ahahah “realism”

There’s no faceposing, and the quality is butchered.

Also never use Flatgrass unless you can do a GOOD scenebuild.

There is no faceposing for Resistance and Liberation ragdolls. I’m not running GMod with high settings because my PC is 7 years old.

And they are shitty becasue they are old. I have something else to show later :wink:

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More recent screenshots :



i would suggest zooming in with the camera a bit more but your getting better

if the ragdolls you’re using don’t have faceposing, get better ragdolls. assuming you know how to use an SVN, I’d suggest you use the Red Orchestra 2 ones.

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gotta be more constructive man

Hm, you could try posing, saving, exit to main menu, turn settings super high, load game, take picture, turn settings back down for future posing. Now, assuming that everything goes according to plan and your PC doesn’t crap out from the settings being turned up, you should be fine.

I’d also recommend RO2 models. Also, since it looks as if you like the Waffen SS, I made some Waffen SS skins for them with more equipment, skins, etc., if you would like them.

fucking incredible, just like cologne in '45

I already have them. They are fantastics but, they are to flexible for me, I can’t pose with them. So, I’m waiting for the MOH Airborne models.



Irony ?

you could always just replace the phys. go into the RO2 models folder, delete the .phys files that are in there (remember what the files were called though), copy and paste the phys files from the models you want the RO2 ones to behave like, change the name of the files you just moved so it’s the same as the file you deleted, and there you go, you can pose how you like.

It won’t work, because the skeletons of physics model and reference model have to be the same. It would only crash the game.

So stop advicing about something you don’t really know, please.

it works just fine whenever I do it.

Can you give me screenshots of them ?

That’s what I call Realism :


There’s 4 soldiers ( The “Unterofizier”/Sergeant, the Maschinengewehr Schütze/ the MG shooter, the “Anbieter”/ the ammo provider and the “Kanonier”/the MG Team commander)
Look at the MG. The Mg is on the shoulder of the provider and the Schütze is firing (not in the image). That was do if there’s wasn’t any cover around. Not a lot of people now it.
So, that’s realism and I’m sure you didn’t now it.
So, do constructive critics in the future.

These soldiers are walking like chickens on a big, flat and empty map. That’s what you call realism? Are you trolling, are are you THAT jackass?

One of these soldiers can’t see shit, because his helmet doesn’t allow for that.

Go practice posing and then you can bother us with your “realism”…

Actually, I think I’m okay at History during the 19th century, especially since I’ve passed History with a good grade. Especially on WWII and German society and forces.

Realism is good posing, not only an empty map with terribly posed ragdolls.


Hope you’re joking!

When I talk about realism, I’m talking about the uniforms and weapons.
I will never use an SS Wallonie or SS Langemarck skin if my screen is supposed to be situated in Western Europe. Same thing with the weapon and vehicules : If I use a Panzer II in an Easter Front screen, it would be the only one. The others tanks will be Panthers, Tigers or Panzer IV.

Oh fuck

I fucking knew something was wrong there :v:


Here are other screens :


One of my “realistic” screens :


If you want traduction, ask for it;