Have 25 keys to giveaway

My friend has giving me 25 keys to giveaway, Send me a PM with a picture of a piece of paper have it say:

MonkeymanAK47 Is the best | RUST 2013

And there we go

Not funny anymore… (never was actually :rolleyes: )


Not original… and not even really that funny.


People still will pm him

sometimes I try my hardest



pretty sure this is fake

This is lame…


Va te faire foutre

this actually just makes me feel bad cause i know this is a fake post

I still have a ton of PMs tho LOL

This plays right into my conspiracy theory.

Oh I never bother with these “photo” stuff… lol waste of time

I see what you did there.

pm’d :slight_smile:

Why don’t they ban people for the reason of trolling others? I don’t get it :frowning:
You should be ashamed of yourself, you monkey.