"Have a nice death"- Francis is shooting a Zombie in a dark room


C&C pls

Muzzleflash is a bit off.Posing’s pretty cool.

Why is he standing like that?

His arm would kick back WAY more.

Blood is too bright.
Posing is stiff.
Muzzleflash is just copy and paste.
Glowing eyes are bad.
No wound.
Pistol doesn’t have its slide back and isn’t ejecting a cartridge.

Sorry to be rude, but it doesn’t look like much effort went into this.

  1. ok
  2. I think its good and not stiff, tell me what you think with stiff
  3. right
  4. i think its not to bad
  5. The wound should be behind the nose/eye or at the right eye
  6. Ok the slide back is wrong, but the bullet is already in the head, otherwise there were no blood

This pic should be a small picture and i made it in a short time and I think for this time its good.

And the picture must not be perfekt to like it…

2, 4. Okay just stick with mediocrity then.

  1. Do you even know what a cartridge is? When a firearm discharges a shell is ejected.

Looks nice.

too dark and blood looks weird but other than that it’s good.

oOH okay, sry I understand it fals. Sry my english is not the best, and I don’t here the word cartridge anytimes. And translater says a different one… sry

Ok then are you right…

Dont do some shitty 25 minutes picture.
Take time and work out every single detail :slight_smile:
I already gave you the critism so just work on those parts.