Have any those annoying error screens too?

Since the Steam Update 2 Days ago i can’t join a Server!
I always get the same disconnect message == Server uses different class tables

I looked in many threads, they said i have a outdated client or i want to join a outdated client.
I reinstalled Gmod and deleted all my addons and updated my Server too…
Nothing changes!

Please Reply :wink:

are you using the dev version of gmod? is the server you are trying to connect a dev version? do you have gmod set to update automatically

:smiley: thank you, you saved my virtual life. I used the dev version ;)!
OOps but i cant set it back i had to reinstall steam then it worked :smiley: i think it was actually a bug!


For future reference

No if i clicked on dev - Development Branch than happend nothing, no new windows opend!

Nothing is supposed to happen. It just reinstalls te correct version.

You don’t understand After the steam update i was forced to a gmod update after it i cant play on servers then i clicked on Dev to change it but nothing happens then I restarted steam and it workd