"have fun going to jail"

I guess we all become criminals if s.978 passes, though chicks dig the bad boys.

Well, no.

Here’s an link to the actual bill.

Personally I think about 90% of all the people moaning about it have never read about it.

Haha don’t worry I read it. The statement was going with the “rebel” theme, and I guess I should say the inspiration for this video. Randomly one of my friends said s.978 passed and “having fun going to jail for 5 years”. This probably even more reinforces the point that a lot of people seem to not know/understand/or have read the actual bill.

That’s true about almost everything on the internet.

:wtc: The video was so boring.

Ah, how should I have spiced it up more? Keep in mind the premise is a fake intro, so go along those lines for suggestions.

I liked the video.

But I like a lot of things.

You’re not using the :wtc: emote correctly.

I’m not?

What’s so what the christ if it was boring?

I hard to read that sentence 3 times before it made sense to me