have keypad output only work when in seat.

hi. im new here.
im making a sofa that can move up and down a level, im useing the nompad 5 key to make it go up and down. it also has a seat on it.
when i press 5 the sofa goes up and down even if im not in the seat. how do i have it only work when i am in the seat?

You’d need Wiremod for that. It’s basically hooking up an Advanced Pod Controller to the seat, then find a key you want to make it go up and down with. May be a pretty big thing to make if you haven’t used wire before though.

Ok, so I have wire mod. I have a keypad input wired to an add chip. Do I just place the adv pod controller on the seat or is there something else I need to do to connect it to the seat?

Place your pod controller, right click on the pod controller and then the seat from the vehicles menu.

IT WORKED! thanks. :smiley:

WAIT! i have one more problem. how do i edit the speed of a wire Hydraulic and how do i delete wire Hydraulics?

There should be a controller on the wire hydraulics (when you first press the locations where the hydraulic should connect from. First click is first connection, next click is second connection and third click is the controller. Take a ‘constant value’ in the wire menu, make sure it’s set to ‘number’ in the settings and enter the number of the speed. Then take out the wire - advanced tool and look at the controller with it. There should be some settings like constant, damping and length. Wire ‘constant’ to the constant value. It’s a bit of fiddly work to get it right but it works. The value should be pretty high, about 1000 but it depends a lot - could be higher or lower.