Have oil resource locations moved/changed in the last day or so?


I made a local server to test out quantities for mining quarries and pump jacks, I found an oil spawn 2 days ago, placed a pump jack, made some oil, all good.

I come back today, and wished to see if I could find the edge of that oil spawn, so I c4ed the pump jack and gave myself 1k survey charges. I place one in the middle of the old pump jack model, no oil, I spam charges in ever larger circles around that site, no oil pops up.

So a few of questions:

Has there been any kind of update in the last 2 days that would change the resource locations?

Is there any way to display what is under the ground as far as resource locations, a command or a mod/plugin like colouring the ground to display what is there? I’m really curious if I hit a tiny oil location that was between the usually stone/sulphur spawns, or if the oil spawn is just no longer there.