Have pinned threads appear on the front of the subforum

It’d be nice if pinned threads showed on the top on the right of the home page for each subforum to help them be more easily found. Pinned threads are also currently section-specific for a subforum so if someone clicks on a section as opposed to the whole subforum then they might miss the pinned thread entirely

This would be a great thing for the s&box question, as it has a good FAQ that we keep up to date, but edits don’t bump it. Having pinned topics easily accessible for new/old users would be nice to have.


Absolutely agree, and I’d like to renew my suggestion that threads should stay pinned even after you read it for accessibility


I actually just noticed that there seems to be an option for this in the interface settings called ‘Automatically unpin topics when I reach the bottom’ that defaults to enabled. Maybe that default could be swapped around instead?


Oh hell yeah I don’t think this was an option back then but I definitely think the default needs to be the opposite like you said

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