Have problems with my script

Hello guys,
I was finishing my deathrun script, but Im getting this error now…

[gamemodes\dr\gamemode\init.lua:226] attempt to call global ‘DoRoundRestart’ (a nil value)(Hook: Think)

anyone knows the awnser of this error?

Thank you.

(User was banned for this post ("Wrong forum" - Grea$eMonkey))

You don’t have a function called DoRoundRestart or it is local and out of scope.

I scripted this little code;

function DoRoundRestart()
GAMEMODE.SpawnPoints = nil

When I start the server now it says
[gamemodes\dr\gamemode\init.lua:194] attempt to call global ‘restart_round’ (a nil value)(Hook: Think)

Can anyone script for me a little code so the gamemode will work?

To do that people will probably have to see the rest of your gamemode. You should go to the requests forum or post more of your code.

You don’t have restart_round function.

Are you deriving the gamemode from Fretta?