Have scheduled events for keys?

I see a lot of rumours floating around that garry will release X amount of keys at X time but to my hope find nothing. So why haven’t the devs just decided to create an official release time so everyone can go by it in the hopes on getting a beta key? Just throwing an idea out there though. Or just email keys to registered users of the forums randomly when you get the keys that works too :P.

Every thursday 9:38pm garry posts a new thread for keys.

Really? I wasn’t aware of that. Thanks for the clarification!

Don’t be so gullable, Garry isn’t going to be handing out keys on this board anytime soon. He’s got more than enough testers as it is.

I just noticed that 50 beta keys were given is that on the gold forums?

Why would Garry have a scheduled time? He wants you to always feel fear, even when you leave for a minute, that he might post a key.

Garry: dictator of fear, er I mean fun… and keys :\

I want to ask you a question, and please be honest, when your consesness first encoutered this question of “how can I play the game”, did you try to look in the forums for an answer or is the first thing that you decided to do is register and post a new thread? I’m honestly curious.

I was really just throwing an idea but I did think inmind that everyone wouldn’t like the idea XD considering they said themselves the devs just put them out randomly when they need more players for testing (and to put one of your questions bluntly, no I registered way back in august of last year)

Honestly, that tension if there will be any keys, is tempting. Damn you Garry, anyway this seems to be good game later

as an edit to what I said, I was just saying this idea as a way for garry to release some keys to keep the community at bay and to eliminate tension that happens between everybody about them (because everyone’s acting like a pack of hungry dogs when it comes to the keys including me :P) I know the devs said they only want what they need but I can’t see any big problems with having more players (other than having to create a few new servers but that can also be fixed by letting the community create their own)

Is there a videogame shortage? I didn’t know Rust was the only ‘in’ game with the cool kids.

XD good one. Well people are going crazy for it because A. it’s a mix of 3 amazing games (dayz, minecraft and stalker) B. because it’s made by facepunch (we all love garry in a slightly creepy way) and C. there’s a shortage of keys so we’re all trying to get one.

down wif the reddits.

Some of these posts, cringe worthy.

Not really a good idea imo because you’d have people refreshing till the time comes and when it does, they’ll just steal the key from someone else who was waiting for one for the longest time.

It also depends on someones internet, someone could have better internet then someone, thus giving them a advantage in getting a key .-.

Top right > buy upgrades > buy gold.


You will get a beta key in the email.

ALTERNATIVELY, you can post

in img tags in this thread to enter a lottery to get a Rust Beta Key!

example :


with no spaces

dat paint.net skillz

People don’t know that the right link is this one: http://i.imgur.com/r7DcYYD.jpg

Well maybe not first come first serve more like hey! you were lucky enough to get a key emailed to you sorta fashion.