Have the devs got the IP of the DDos and hopefully inform the police?

Have the devs got the IP of the DDos and hopefully inform the police?

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im gonna just post you as dumb

I don’t think it’s that easy, and I believe that if they’ve found them, they would’ve stopped by now.

Unfortunately DDOS is damn near impossible to track, even if they were able to get a trace on the connection causing the DDOS, it would most likely just lead to a compromised system and not the actual DDOSer, GOTTA LOVE THE GUY WHO CREATED DDOSING S:

why its a legit question

'Cause, one does not simply catch a DDoS’er.

Number 1 proxy so good luck.

Number 2 depends what country they are from. Some countries consider Ddos a legit form of protest.

Number 3 I HIGHLY doubt the devs were just sitting around waiting for you to post to tell them what to do and how to handle their ddos problems.

Well i don’t exactly know how it works but if hes clogging up the servers can there not be an ip address obtained. if so its a criminal offence

Again depends on what country its coming from.

Wrong. It is a criminal offense in SOME countries.

The DDOS could be originating from Africa which is sending to a compromised server in Sweden which is sending to a compromised server in Russia which is sending to a compromised server in Amsterdam, Which is sending to a compro… you see why its difficult to track?

This pretty much.
Then you finally obtain the IP of the final system, send an abuse email and never get a reply.

Yeah, you can take it to the court.
But by the time the session actually starts, the attack will be over already. Or you find another solution.

You know that DDoS attacks are performed by (up to) thousands of computers bouncing off eachother, therefore it’s never possible (without user error on the DDoSer’s end) to find the originating IP as there’s so many. That’s why they’re so hard to catch.

Here’s something a lot of people seem to forget: DDoS means Distributed Denial of Service. That means it’s coming from multiple sources, usually some sort of botnet. It’s extremely difficult if not impossible to track down the hacker behind a DDoS attack. If there’s only one source it’s a DoS attack.

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It’s not actually a criminal offense,It depends where your from. Its a program that just request and send infomation packets to and from a server so rapidly its crashes the server.

That - and taking that into account everybody with a sane mind should know all this stupid “we got ddosd” talking is total bullshi* !!!

Does anybody ever think about how expensive it is to rent a botnet??
Has nobody of those “ddos believers” ever thought about what it takes to make a successful ddos attack on a server cluster??
Nobody can afford it if they can’t make a very fair share out of the outcome…
Having a botnet is the biggest business in cybercriminality and therfore nobody could (or if he/she/they could, never would) afford the fees to get access to a botnet to make a successful ddos attack on anything!
Do people really think such things are for free? lol…

Gosh! nowadays it seems using the term ddos is an excuse for everthing which is going wrong… (especially in the gaming industry) - but hey… at least the devs have a good laugh seeing how those gaming lemmings believe that crap

sry for my language but reading things like “blblblbl got ddosd” makes me wanna rage…

It’s a DoS for sure. I don’t believe it is a botnet. The devs stated that it is an exploit involving empty packets and the server browser. Everyone is treating it as if it’s something bigtime while I think it’s just a script kid or two being frustrated. Everyone assumes that some elaborate hacker is behind all this…

IP addresses are NOT PEOPLE

and most smart DDoS’ers use a proxy / vpn

interesting, coms. so if its not ddos then what is it?

Only idiots would use their home PC’s without proxy, or any form of spoof can get tracked.