Have the following application error occuring

This occurs when clicking on the OK Button on the new Carters Pack Shield Core entity popup dialog.

Application popup: srcds.exe - Application Error : The instruction at “0x0dfa1905” referenced memory at “0x196cf804”. The memory could not be “read”.

When tested locally, on my Windows 7 64bit machine, I get the same crash - although, without the popup.

The dump file produced the following info

Submitted this over at the CAP forums, but it is a Garrys Mod crash, so I thought to post it here, to see if anyone could shed some light on the meaning of it.

And how do I do that on srcds dedicated server?

Well if you are getting that error on SRCDS then you do not have enough available memory for it.

I noticed that in the dump:
You were using 81 % of your memory

Garry’s Mod is already resource intensive, and Spacebuild strains that further.