Have the manhack and flechette gun been removed?

They are completely missing from the Weapons tab on the spawn-menu even though they were there before. I only noticed today when I wanted to play with them. All the games I have (the Half-Life 2, the Episodes, the TF2 and the Portal) are properly mounted that is the first thing I checked. Then I tried removing all the addons and then I verified the cache and as a last resort I just deleted the whole folder and let the game re-update itself, yet those are still missing. I tried to give it to myself with the console but I don’t know the swep-names so it didn’t work.

I looked in the pack-file with GCFScape. I saw the lua for the Flechette gun, but the title was in grey and I’m not sure what that means. I was still able to open it though.

I have searched the forum and can’t find anything about it.

Have they been removed? If so, is there an svn or a link or maybe where I can get one that works?

Edit: I was looking at the Flechette gun swep again and it’s admin-spawnable but not spawnable which I assume is for users on a server. I wonder if something went wrong there. But I am in single-player.

I found them. I typed, for the console, “give flechette_gun” and “give manhack_welder.”

Does anybody know how to re-add them to the Weapon though?