Have the Physgun 'Ignore' props.

Here’s my problem. I’m working on a pose, part of which has a ragdoll drivng a vehicle. Now, it turns out that while the driver seat on the car is open, the collison model covers it; making it impossible to seat a ragdoll in it. While Nocollide takes care of that, I still can’t pose the ragdoll because they phygun grabs the vehicle instead since the ragdoll is technically inside of it.

Is there any stools or other ways of making the physun ignore models?

I don’t know such a thing, but a possibility would be to create a holographic car (with uwsvn, expression2 and ‘wire_holograms_modelany 1’) and try to pose it while its sitting/hovering in that car. Then use the statue tool and no collide and then put it into the real vehicle.

Or just download this…