Have you got any tips for posing?

I wanted to try posing… have you got some tips like good Maps or what lights to use? Thanks!

Go to Gamebanana and DL random maps and trying them 'til you find what works for you.

I don’t see how this is dumbed, but normally practice makes perfect.

Do the practice, then use the skills you got with various maps and you’d whip something nice up.

As digigamer17 said, practice makes perfect, so make sure to do it often and don’t be too upset if the first few ones aren’t to your liking. It also helps if you use a few photo references for your first few poses so you can get the hang out of doing realistic posing.

As for lighting, there are a few tutorials lying around that can be very helpful to you, like Ninja Nub’s.

Regarding posing itself the easiest way (in my opinion) to pose a ragdoll is by freezing the upper body of selected ragdoll and do the pose in the air, then add a gun or a small item (if it’s no gun pose just put the item behind/below the ragdoll) and weld it to the ragdolls upper body.

When this is done you can simply use the statue tool without the fear of the ragdoll falling to the ground, if you welded the gun/item/whatever to the upper body the weight of the other limbs won’t make it spin around.

Hope this helps.

“Make persistent” is something Gmod has offered in its updates. Pressing C, and right clicking the model and choosing that will let you make them untouchable.

That isn’t what it’s for you dingus, it makes things easier to place when posed.

The purpose isn’t that the ragdoll should be untouchable.

Always think of something, however general, to pose before you actually start posing. Pick a map that goes with what you’re planning on doing and light it in a way that compliments the map’s lighting and the feel you’re going for.

For example, if I were to do a Mass Effect action pose, I would consider using SalvationStalker_night as it is a good-looking “destroyed earth” kind of map and I suck at scenebuilding. Once I’ve done my pose I’d light it up in blue to compliment the night time atmosphere.

Also, never underestimate the power of angles. A good angle in a shot can make all the difference.

Don’t take people’s advice as a personal attack on you. I glean you’re new to the world of posing, yes? Chances are your first poses won’t be the greatest. But that’s okay. Nobody started out making gorgeous, professional quality stuff like you see here. It takes a lot of practise and dedication to getting it right. If you don’t understand someone’s criticism, ask what could make it better and keep those criticisms in mind for the next pose you do.

Finally, take a look at the experts. People like Joazz, pvt.jenkins and even Russian_Bear, and consider what they do. If you don’t have the time or skills to use photoshop, consider making simple poses or moment-before-the-action-begins or post-action sequences like I tend to do, and go from there.

Unless you’re a stuck up moron who thinks everything he does is perfect and doesn’t need to be changed (which I doubt, giving this thread exists) and you keep at it, you’ll see remarkable improvement in less time than you think.

Good luck and have fun :dance:

press r every time you finish posing your ragdoll with the physgun pointed at it

Just kidding, change the .phy files to make posing easier, make sure it’s floppy.

Pose, pose, pose, pose. Do not give up, they’ll look absolute muddy mustard at first, but with time the seeds’ll grow. And if you learn to use programs like Photoshop or GIMP, you’re in the game.

Made this way back, may help you on the lighting front.