"Have you met my best friend yet?" Some dudes meet a weird stranger in a farmhouse

“Because your friends already did”

Shitty excuse for a boring picture but atleast its not Left 4 Dead. Just something quick I did out of pure boredom.

Scary :frowning:

The title is a mess because my english is pretty limited so sorry for that.

This particular individual appears to be of a frightening nature.

Looks very pleasing to the eyes dewd. The lighting and colours are very nice

D: nightmares, here i come.

That wasnt exactly what I was going for but alright. Good to see its not that shitty.

lookin’ great

Pretty good.

Guns wont work on this guy.
You just gotta trip him and the nails will do the rest.

Shooting him worked pretty well in Resident Evil 5 :v:

Did he live in Belfast during the Troubles or something?